OK if you have been waiting all year for January to come so you can make changes I'm not suggesting you decide to put it off for longer, go for it!  However I have a theory why our good intentions fail at this time of year and why you might not want to be so hard on yourself if you don't make it past a couple of weeks.  Making changes in January can be an uphill struggle.

Many people set January 1st as the start of their diet and/or new fitness regime.  Unfortunately all those sugary and salty snacks are usually still around so if you've got unopened boxes get them out of the house - most supermarkets have donation points for charity where you can take them so you are not throwing away good food.  However you might find that this is futile a...

Shakti Balls - Like a sweet treat but trying to be more healthy in your choices?  Try these delicious treats as an alternative.

After I teach a Kundalini workshop, I like to provide my students with a little energy boost for the journey home and this healthy snack is very popular as you can see from the photograph - I wasn't quick enough getting my camera out to show the box full!


Basic mix:



sunflower seeds

pumpkin seeds


desiccated coconut

Optional extras:


nuts - cashew, brazil, almonds,

other dried fruit - apricots, currants, raisins,

seeds - sesame, linseed


Soak a small bag of dates overnight in a little water - stir occasionally to ensure all the dates get a dip in the water.

Strain the water off and mash wit...

I first taught a chocolate meditation back in 2000 when I was quite new to teaching yoga.  It was the penultimate session and I asked the students if there was anything they would like for the last class and one of them piped up 'You mean like cake or chocolate'.  I laughed and said I was referring to a yoga practice but to leave it with me.  I came up with the idea of doing a meditation with a piece of chocolate using the senses - hearing (unwrapping the chocolate and breaking it into pieces), sight, smell, touch and taste.  I've taught it this way for many years and it has always been a popular meditation.

We had been working on the sacral chakra and thinking about our creativity and desire and this inspired me to...

There is a lot of information out there about detoxing but the truth is, the body detoxes all the time, if it didn't we would die of the build up of poisons we consume daily - imagine if that alcohol/caffiene/sugar remained in your body and you'll get what I mean - you just couldn't survive if you didn't constantly detox.

However, often the food we eat isn't as fresh as it could be - eating on the run, working late, dining out, mean we can often be eating and drinking food that requires the body to work harder to remove what would be toxic if not removed so the point of a detox diet is not to 'detox' the body, but to support the body's natural detoxification by reducing or removing the amount of toxins we consume so it can work more efficiently a...

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