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British Wheel of Yoga, Foundation Course One









British Wheel of Yoga, Foundation Course Two

This course is aimed at those who have already completed the Foundation Course 1 and want to continue your personal study and qualified yoga teachers who want to benefit from studying in a group environment.


Perhaps you completed your Yoga teaching certificate and are not yet ready to go on to Diploma level, or maybe you did your training a few years ago and miss being part of a study group, if you are unsure do feel free to contact me to discuss.

The philosophy of yoga is integral to the course enabling you to develop insight into the benefits of yoga and making it relevant to your daily life i.e. taking yoga off the mat and into your community.

As part of the course you will be encouraged to keep a journal of your insights from asana, pranayama and meditation practices covered during the course. There is a short essay assignment which will help you with your reflection on the philosophical elements taught.

The course will help you to deepen your knowledge of yoga and your self reflection.

The course can be used as CPD for BWY teachers (other teaching organisations may also recognise as CPD).



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